Kevin Saunderson

Kevin Saunderson is claimed as one of the fathers of techno in Detroit along with the pioneers Juan Atkins and Derrick May, aka “The Belleville Three” in honour to their hood Belleville in Michigan, where they met during junior high. In 1984, Saunderson decided to be a musician after going with Derrick to some emblematic clubs in Chicago and temples such as: Paradise Garage of New York to listen to Larry Levan, resident at that time. 

Founded by Saunderson in 1987, KMS Records is to date, one of the leaders of the techno labels with releases of talented producers like Kenny Larkin, Chez Damier, Pig & Dan, Carl Craig and Kevin himself with side projects such as Inner City, E Dancer, Keynotes, Reese Proyect and Kreem (Saunderson & Atkins), just to name a few. 

Career and contributions of Saunderson marked a watershed in the story of electronic music, his productions, innovations and presence in the underground scene, have been an important mainstay for building the foundations of the actual electronic music and sub genders of techno. 

Next August 21st 2015, the Detroit’s legend will be in charge of the dj booth at the most emblematic underground club of Mexico City; the sound system will be powered by: Funktion One.